Success and Fame? It is Earned, not Granted

I always feel that success in entertainment public relations is dependent on the happiness (and success) of the client. The daily struggle of perception versus reality is literally a daily struggle. It takes energy, patience, fortitude and fearlessness to accomplish what is needed to bring to the table what is asked for from each client.

Entertainment has a wide scope, whether its film, tv, music, erotic entertainment, and so on. Entertainment, at its core, is a drug to help humans with a sense of belonging and enjoyment. …

A long time ago, someone close to me hit rock bottom. They were caught in an addiction, a downward spiral. It was years of addiction, ups and downs, no way out.

The people in and around this person were either enablers, felt helpless in their efforts, or both. It was an emotional roller-coaster, with many trials and tribulations. The only answer was time, waiting for the person to hit rock bottom, an opportunity to finally help them through their own personal madness.

The bottom took place, and it was not pretty. The person was alone, in a troubled state, afraid…

Some stories aren’t heartwarming.

(In the fall of 1997, my father left our family to be with another woman. He divorced, and proceeded to marry this woman, and move on with his life. Recent attempts were made by him, via email, to open up discussions, but ultimately only opened old wounds. This letter was started after such email was received from him on Father’s Day, and then edited and released after another email came to my inbox on Thanksgiving.)

June 22nd, 2020

November 26th, 2020


It has come to pass where more than half of my time on Earth…

I will make this part simple: I absolutely love the 4th of July. The holiday marks the beginning of summer, nestling in a place where I can look back at the first half of the year, and at the same time look towards what the rest of the year will be. Most importantly, it’s just a period of days where people stop, take a moment, and take in everyone around them. This July 4th, in the year 2020? Not so simple.

My early memories of the holiday obviously involve fireworks, BBQ’s, time spent with close friends. As a stopping point…

I was a junior in High School when the riots began, April 25th, 1992. My memory of that night is dim, but there are parts that stand out. My parents and my brother were out, not sure of where, and I parked myself in front of the television, in complete shock and awe of watching fires take over Los Angeles. I was completely immersed in the news coverage. I watched until I was tired, and went to sleep.

There are significant videos emblazoned in the brain. The act of the police on Rodney King; The verdict being read, and reaction…

How it feels dark, when there is so much sun

Tonight, I felt like I lost it, again. I laughed more, I completely disregarded dinner, I took in more time on the patio, on the phone. I completed the days work, I came home to zoom with friends, as I have weekly, Wednesday evenings, with a group of which 2 people were actual friends, and the others have become new friends. …

Storms on the Horizon: The Compact Disc, Napster and How Humanity Always Needs to Look Back to Move Forward

“You’re the 10th caller,” said a raspy-voiced DJ who goes by the name of Dusty Street. “You’ve won a copy of Sting’s new CD, and tickets to see him in concert at The Hollywood Bowl. What’s your name?”

“Hi Dusty, my name is Brian! I live in Newbury Park.”

“Well hello Brian. Let me write this down, Brian from Newbury Park. Congrats, and thanks for listening to 95.5, KLOS!”.

A few days later, a small package arrived to my home, and…

My Mind Told My Body “GFY” Tonight

As April draws to a tumultuous end this evening, and the first of May springs to life in the am, I found myself in a position, and situation, that I do not recall ever having lived through (which seems like a sentence we say every day, if not every hour of the last 6 weeks of our life).

My mind told my body “fuck you.” That was it. It said no more, there were no other words, there were no emotions. It was a comparison to walking a dog, and the dog just…

Southern California, April 2020

Our lives will never be the same. So… What now?

Our lives will never be the same. God, what a cliché line if there ever was. We have read this line in books. We have watched our favorite movies, or movies we could care less about, use this cliché in its scripts. Our lives. Your lives. Your life.

It’s true, though. I mean, we will look back and remember those days of March 2020, the last days of this and that, the last days of certain routines, the days ahead of flights we booked, of car rides we planned, of…

Brian Scott Gross

Brian Gross, President of BSG PR, has been in the service of media and public relations for over 27 years.

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